Pochemuchka (почемучка) – A person, often a child, who asks a lot of questions – maybe even too many.

The Pochemuchka Blog is a space for exploration, for asking questions and maybe even looking for some answers. It is a collection of thoughts, reflections and developing ideas that cover everything from revolutionary compost to the meaning of friendship via Beyonce, Grief and neoliberal governmentality.

The posts often represent an attempt to take a fresh look at phenomena whose framing has become so familiar that it is rendered largely invisible, and is often therefore accepted at a semi-unconscious level. In deconstructing the ‘common sense’ readings of these phenomena, it is hoped that something more interesting may, at times, be revealed; that the impact of these framings on the way we think, feel and relate to each other might become clearer, and that the possibility of other alternative understandings might emerge.

The Pochemuchka Blog is also a belated attempt to stimulate the kind of conversations that feel significant when you actually get to have them,  but which often get shouldered aside by the more immediately pressing thought processes that everyday life seemingly requires, or lost somewhere in the gaps between our inner selves and the alternate versions that we project to each other in the hopes that somehow they will do a better job of things.

Olly Biggs is an on/off PhD student studying at the University of the West of England, Bristol. This blog has emerged in response to the off part of that statement, and began as a thought receptacle for his brain as he began a long recovery from illness (Travel, See the world, get sick, really really sick…)

Olly was – and hopes to continue – studying (re)constructions of social value and the contradictions of the new social economy in 21st Century Britain, with a particular emphasis on the significance of these developments with regards to the UK Third Sector and its role in combating socio-economic inequality. He has a wide range of interests that don’t always quite add up as neatly as he would like them to.

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If you would like to make a contribution to The Pochemuchka Blog then leave a comment! Alternatively, if you have a piece of writing (or even just  an idea for a piece of writing) that you feel would complement what is already here then please get in touch. Having a conversation with yourself is an interesting activity, but it is a lot more fun when other people get involved!


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